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Collection of outdoor poles with LED light source and tubular
head that can be adjusted 350º on the vertical and horizontal
axes. Available in two different heights.
The stem and head are made of extruded aluminium; the
base is made of die-cast aluminium with low copper content.
Available in different finishes with a double layer of powder
coating according to the QUALICOAT standard. The first
layer of epoxy powder confers chemical and mechanical
resistance. The second layer, a polyester powder finish,
ensures resistance to UV rays and corrosive atmospheric
agents. The painted surfaces are treated with alkiline and
acid washes, rinsed with demineralized water, and subjected
to chemical conversion treatment to protect against rust.
The anchoring hardware is made of AISI 316L stainless
Diffuser made of acid-etched glass to guarantee a uniform
wash of light on the ground.
The unit is supplied with a length of neoprene cable.
The unit may be easily installed on any flooring on the ground
with anchors, or with the dedicated installation box to completely integrate the base of the product with the pavement.

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