RAY 2000 ECG


Indoor/outdoor metal halide floodlight suitable for electronic power supply, comprising:
¬ Die-cast painted aluminium housing and trim
¬ Flat tempered glass diffuser
¬ Diffuser made of flat, chemically hardened glass
¬ Extra pure polished aluminium reflectors
¬ Anti-ageing silicone gasket
¬ Electrical wiring box with ignitor, supplied with the luminaire, made of technopolymer reinforced
with glass fibre
¬ Automatic line isolator switch in LCP
¬ Internal wiring in nickel-plated copper with THT silicone insulation
¬ Ceramic lamp supports with stainless steel check spring
¬ Stainless steel external screws
¬ Fully integrated stainless steel safety spring clips
¬ Painted steel bracket
¬ Patented anti-vacuum device
¬ Graduated goniometer for aiming purposes
¬ Retractable stainless steel aiming device
¬ Stainless steel grill eventually preventing glass pieces from falling (HU version)
¬ Suitable for TV coverage, HDTV and super slow-motion
¬ HR versions are supplied with a Hot Restrike ignitor for instantaneous re-start of the lamp
¬ Charge strictly with its electronic ballast, available as an accessory

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