PL700 is an all-purpose swimming pool light with exceptional illumination capabilities and minimal energy consumption. It can vividly illuminate medium to large swimming pools efficiently & most of all reliably. With power consumption of only 25W in RGB and 48W in White color, it becomes perfect value for money when it comes to efficient, “green” and yet powerful illumination.

PL700 incorporates 12 High-Power LEDs made by Cree, Inc. (USA) with superior quality lenses which produce remarkably uniform illumination and it is a Class III luminaire, CE certified, offering IP68 (watertight) protection degree. The remarkable light output of white model is equivalent to 300W incandescent bulbs while consuming 84% less electricity. PL700’s housing is made of highly durable & corrosion resistant AISI316L (1.4404) stainless steel. It is available in RGB, Cool & Warm White and standard models ship with 3 meters of waterproof chlorine-resistant cable.

The LED module incorporates a Microprocessor handling data such as ID, color, intensity, temperature & status with advanced safety features like 16-step thermal protection and reverse polarity protection. White models are dimmable and the led:bus protocol permits easier and faster installation, requiring only 3-wire cables for RGB models. For DMX connection choose the .ADR option to give each luminaire a unique address and create amazing light shows in your pool.

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