Orma is a complete recess-mounted family with
compact sizes, and sturdy, reliable materials with high
grades of protection: temporary IK10 and IP68, ideal for
tight installation spaces.
In addition to the embossed steel flange, the range is
enriched by the new Brass finish. The recess-mounted
steel flange is completed by the brand new version with
an all-glass front flush with the floor and a path-marker
with concentric optics.
The swinging versions can also be easily and quickly
directed using a flat screwdriver on the specific screw,
without having to open the lamp body and consequently
taking the risk of compromising the waterproof seal.
Orma was conceived with a unique application versatility
which provides the designer with a vast range of possible
shapes, finish and optics combinations. Flush, all-glass
or in metal, Orma can adapt to any setting, even the most
unusual one, thanks to the possibility of choosing from
no less than 8 diameters and an innovative square-shaped flange. On a technical lighting level, new optics
packages are introduced: Spot, Flood, Wide Flood, Extra
Wide Flood, General, Elliptic, asymmetrical swing with
Half Moon optics.

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