Cone-shaped luminaire housing made of plastic; luminaire housing 330° rotatable and 180° tiltable pivot-mounted; elegantly suspended luminaire with a black soft-touch surface; with adjustable pendant rod mounting, either 1500 mm or 2500 mm, feed-in rod; optionally with pendant rod mounting 1500 mm and 3 phase adapter for toolless installation or movement on various 3 phase power tracks; completely homogeneously illuminated, satinised PMMA cover; energy-efficient LEDs with very good color rendering; binning initial ≤ 3 MacAdam; available in the light colors 2700 K and 3000 K; CRI ≥ 90; min. 80 % of the luminous flux after 50000 hours; protection class IP 20; PC I; incl. converter, non-dimmable

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