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Luminaire for outdoor use for built-in installation on the wall
with LED light source.
Aluminum die-cast body EN AB-47100 (low copper content).
High-resistance coating: after a sandblasting treatment of
all components to make the surface porous and ensure a
greater adhesion of the paint, the external coating is applied
with a double layer with epoxy powders according to the
QUALICOAT standard. The fi rst layer of epoxy powder gives
chemical and mechanical resistance, the second fi nishing
layer of polyester powder ensures resistance to UV rays and
atmospheric agents.
The painted surfaces are treated with alkaline and acidic
washes, then rinsed with demineralized water, subjected to a
chemical conversion treatment to protect against oxidation.
Frosted polycarbonate diffuser, UV-stabilised, glued to the
head of the product to ensure a watertight seal

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