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Collection of outdoor bollards with a rigorous, minimal
design and LED light source that can be combined with wall
Uni- or bi-directional bollard version, available in two heights
and widths, based on light source and power requirements.
The rigid frame is made of extruded aluminum with no visible
screws, and the base rises above the ground for a quick,
simple installation. The head anchoring hardware is made of
AISI 316L stainless steel.
Available in various finishes with a double layer of powder
coating and chemical conversion treatment to protect it
against corrosion.
The diffuser is made of transparent, UV-stabilized polycarbonate.
The asymmetric reflecting screen is made of pure, oxidized
and polished aluminum, with LED source in a rear position
to reduce direct glare. The downward, asymmetric light
emission ensures the luminaire’s compliance with existing
light pollution laws.
Bollard versions may be easily installed on any flooring on the
ground with anchors, or with the dedicated anchoring plate
accessory to completely integrate the base of the product
with the pavement

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