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• Floor, wall or ceiling recessed luminaire intended for use with monochromatic and LED and RGBW light sources (44-52VdcDMXRDM), Tunable White and RGB (48-52Vdc DMX-RDM).
• Comprising body, casing and end caps to be ordered separately.
• Comprising body with housing for DMX-RDM and DALI drivers.
• Extruded aluminium body and flush end caps in die-cast zamak complete with silicone gaskets.
• Liquid acrylic paint ensuring high resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays.
• Optical compartment closed at the top by a 8mm thick transparent glass screen secured with silicone.
• Supplied with double nickel-plated brass cable gland, outgoing rubber cables and IP68 male and female connectors at the end for pass- through

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