Low profile recessed channel, height 14 mm; suitable for installation in 12.5 mm ceilings, with trim; suitable for wall or ceiling mounting; surface white powder coated; easy mounting without the need to cut the substructure; fail-safe light insert made of extruded aluminium profile, can be inserted in the canal without tools by magnetic holders; side coupled light, directed downwards by LGP body (Light Guiding Prism) and highly efficient reflector; homogeneously illuminated, satinised or micro prismatic PMMA cover; workplace light suitable for VDUs according to DIN EN 12464-1 (UGR < 19); energy-efficient LEDs with very good colour rendering; binning initial ≤ 3 MacAdam; available in the light colours 3000 K and 4000 K; CRI ≥ 80; min. 80 % of the luminous flux after 50000 hours; protection class from below IP 40 (from above IP 20); PC II; incl. external converter for ceiling insertion; optional non-dimmable

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