Range of indoor and outdoor suspended LED fixtures, comprising:
¬ Polyester powder coated die-cast aluminum housing
¬ Diffuser with integrated louvre in UV, heat stabilised, transparent technopolymer
¬ High-transparency polycabonate lenses for best light transmission
¬ S/W optic with UGR<22
¬ Anti-ageing silicone gasket with high resiliency
¬ Cable compartment cover in technopolymer
¬ Electrical connection with outdoor rated plug & socket quick connector (IP66) that allows
connection to mains without opening the luminaire. Made in PA66 with silver-plated brass
contacts, for cables Ø 9 – Ø 12 mm
¬ Light beam obtained by the combination of multiple LED modules
¬ Galvanised steel suspension hooks
¬ Stainless steel external screws
¬ When using the product within environments where mineral or natural oils are present or in
atmospheres that are not compatible with polycarbonate, the protective glass available as
accessory shall be used
¬ LAMA+ DETEK is not suitable for operation with the protective glass shade
¬ Passive infra-red motion sensor
¬ The SMART version is supplied with an electronic device for the intelligent management of light
based upon the wireless platform 868MHz. It allows to build plants able to dynamicallly interact
with the surrounding environment. Specific accessories to program and manage the system are

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