Range of indoor and outdoor LED fixtures, comprising:
¬ Die-cast aluminum housing chemically pre-treated and painted with polyester powder coating
¬ The KOA LINE…/PC versions are complete with transparent, UV stabilised, matt finish polycarbonate diffuser.
¬ The KOA LINE…/GL versions are complete with diffuser in flat, tempered, etched and matt finished safety glass.
¬ The KOA LINE SMD/LN versions have a diffuser with integrated lenses made of transparent, high transmittance, UV and heat stabilised polycarbonate, installed on a techno-
polymer frame. Available lenses: extra-diffused symmetrical (S/EW), elyptical (ELL) and symmetrical with UGR<22 (S/W).
¬ The KOA LINE COB versions are complete with a high-purity polished and oxidised aluminium reflector.
¬ Anti-ageing silicone gasket with high resiliency
¬ Electrical connection with outdoor rated plug & socket quick connector (IP66) that allows connection to mains without opening the luminaire. Made in PA66 with silver-
plated brass contacts, for cables Ø 9 – Ø 12 mm
¬ Light beam obtained by the combination of multiple LED modules
¬ Galvanised steel suspension hooks
¬ Stainless steel external screws
¬ For use in environments containing oils – either mineral or natural – or in the presence of atmospheres that are not compatible with polycarbonate, use version with glass
diffuser only.
¬ Passive infra-red motion sensor
¬ On request, all KOA LINE versions can be fitted with threaded wiring
¬ 3000 K and 5000 K available upon request
¬ On request, it is possible to make SMART versions.
¬ In order to allow the use of these devices in various installation situations – on the wall, the ceiling, or a post – a wide range of accessories is available.
¬ In order to guarantee resistance to wind forces, we suggest using the installation systems available as accessories for outdoor spaces.