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• Adjustable projector for installation on ceiling, wall or floor.
• Configuration: die-cast aluminium structure, EN AB-47100  alloy (low copper content) and AISI 316L fixing plate. Glass diffuser: extra clear with silkscreen border, fixed to the aluminium through a robotic gluing system. The wiring unit and the emitting unit are connected by an adjustable junction.
• Double layer coating for high resistance to corrosion: the aluminium components are painted with a double coat using powders which are compliant with QUALICOAT standards: a first layer of epoxy powder (with excellent chemical and mechanical resistance) and a second finishing layer of polyester powder (resistant to UV rays and atmospheric agents). The entire painting process of the aluminium fitting starts from components which have been sand-blasted in advance to make the surface more porous and increase the adherence of the paint. Ares effects alkaline and acid washing to clean the surfaces completely, then rinses with demineralised water to remove any residue particles, subsequently a chemical conversion treatment is done to protect against rusting.
• Protection rating: IP65

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