Weatherproof LED luminaire complete with diffuser, comprising:
¬ Polycarbonate housing
¬ UV stabilised transparent polycarbonate diffuser
¬ Reflector made of white (UV-resistant) painted steel sheet used also as electrical component tray
¬ Polyurethane foam gasket
¬ Electrical connection with outdoor rated plug & socket quick connector (IP66) that allows
connection to mains without opening the luminaire. Made in PA66 with silver-plated brass
contacts, for cables Ø 9 – Ø 12 mm
¬ Light beam obtained by the combination of multiple LED modules
¬ Clip in technopolymer reinforced with fibreglass
¬ Stainless steel springs for quick ceiling mount
¬ IKE/LED EM versions come with a built-in, 3-hour emergency battery pack. Suitable for both
general as well as emergency lighting
¬ Self-extinguishing V2-UL94 housing and diffuser, glow wire 850 °C
¬ 3000 K and 5700 K available upon request
¬ The IKE/LED FC versions are complete with through wiring for continuous line installation