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– Stainless steel body in grade 316
– Single cable entry
– One cable gland supplied with 2 m of 2×1.0 sqmm
outdoor cable for FUN-50001, FUN-50003,
FUN-50011, FUN-50013, FUN-50021, FUN-50023,
FUN-50031, FUN-50033
– One cable gland supplied with 2 m of 5×0.75
sqmm outdoor cable for FUN-50002, FUN-50012,
FUN-50022, FUN-50032
– Stainless steel fasteners in grade 316
– Durable silicone rubber gasket
– Clear toughened glass
– Remote driver for constant current (CC) is included
– Remote driver for constant voltage (CV) not included
– Luminaire must be submerged when operational
– Remote box IP-rated is not included
– Maximum depth 2 m
– Outdoor cable needs to be ordered with a specific length

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