Ground recessed and walk-over luminaire, available in two
different diameters and three beam angles: monodirectional,
bidirectional and omindirectional. The position of the light source,
parallel to the supporting surface, allows the direct component of
the light emission to be exploited to the maximum. EN AB-47100
die-cast aluminium body (with low copper content), coated with
a double layer of highly corrosion-resistant paint. Transparent
borosilicate glass. Equipped with an M12 screw-on connector
that prevents water infiltration and guarantees a quick connection
to the wiring unit. 230V versions include the power supply unit
and a remote IP67 kit to be installed in the junction box for
recessing. The 24 V dc version is equipped with a cable and a
screw connector for the connection to the remote power supply.
The junction box is available in two versions: the standard version
made of plastic and the heavy duty metal version, suitable for
areas with high vehicular flow.

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