Series of wall and ceiling mounting luminaires for indoor and outdoor use, comprising:
¬ Body, trim and guard made of die-cast pressed aluminium, painted
¬ Pressed glass diffuser, painted inside
¬ Silicone gasket
¬ Through wiring possible
¬ Dimmable DALI
¬ Supplied with SMD self-heat dissipating power LED metal core board: FUTURE-PROOF™
¬ Stainless steel locking screws
¬ EM/3P version is designed for multipurpose and 3 hours sustained emergency lighting
¬ Hyper-frequency (HF) sensor operating at a frequency of 5.8 Ghz+/- 75 Mhz
¬ Powder polyester painting process optimized against UV rays in 13 different steps
¬ SMART versions are equipped with customised electronic devices that allows energy savings
reducing the luminous flux, whilst providing a 30% working flux for safety lighting and reaching
100% flux when necessary
¬ SMART HF versions are complete with integrated High Frequency sensor that operates from 30%
up to 100% of the flux when it detects the presence of people
¬ SMART DA versions are suitable for use in systems with two separate lines where the demand for
100% of the flux is managed by a push button or line sensor

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